Inviting high school and college aged youth to

join us at the NC Climate Justice Summit in the fall. We have chosen the participants for the  Climate Justice Youth Leadership Practicum. More information about the Summit coming soon.

The first NC Climate Justice Summit, November 21st-23rd, 2014, will bring together youth and adults from across the state to explore the economic, political and cultural solutions to climate change.

We are looking for high school aged youth leaders to join the adults on the leadership team (The Practicum) to plan and facilitate the summit


Using the power of media to tell the inspiring stories of amazing local, just, green, sustainability initiatives.

We are looking for high school and college age youth interested in connecting with and learning from local people who own businesses, run non-profits or community groups, or work in government agencies or schools that are engaged in various aspects of the local green, justice & sustainability movement.

You will use various media to communicate how their work is contributing to making their communities a better place. You will have the opportunity to learn about interesting career options, practice your media & communication skiills, and help build the collective story of the rising culture of sustainability. 

Our Community Green Guides program has the following projects you can participate in:

  • INTERVIEWING the person or group doing work that you are interested in learning more about.
  • WRITING ARTICLES/STORIES based on your interviews that will appear on the website and eventually be compiled into a book.
  • TAKING PHOTOGRAPHS/ MAKING VIDEOS of the people you interview; they will also be added to the website. A DVD of the video shorts will be created at some point as well.
  • OFFERING PROGRAMS to educate your peers and the community about the resources in your community, and sharing your stories of what you are doing.
  • CREATING ACTION PROJECTS collaborate with others to create solutions oriented projects in your community based on your assessment of the assets and opportunities.

We are especially interested in stories of what youth are doing in their schools and community.

Tell the stories of urban farms, green schools, Slow Money, community solar projects,  school gardens, co-housing, biodiesel production, beekeeping, local currency, healthy school lunches, non-toxic cleaning services, youth sustainability camps, cooperative businesses, greenways and bike trails, water harvesting systems, buy local campaigns, green design &  building, and so much more!

For more information, contact:

Jane Norton


jane [at] eartheal [dot] org.